Kaja Merle | about
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Kaja Merle is a cheery and visually thinking Illustrator from Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Right after her love for her bike she passionately drinks Cappuccino while  creating fluid shapes and combines them with a bold color palette.

Her skill-acquisition can be described as Speedy Gonzales, as she dives right into the illustration world, leaping into animation as well. After almost three years in university, she decides to explore this world a bit further and works in a creative surrounding in the Netherlands. Back in Germany, you can find her by the water or in the next big city, whenever she isn’t working on current projects.

Get in touch:


+49 157 30866177

Worked with

Société de Bains de Mer Monte-Carlo

Modus Magazine


Snapchat (X Hedof)

The Daily Telegraph

Sister Mag

The Pure App

Diesel (X Hedof)

Esistschönhier X Esistfreitag Editorial


GrasshoppHer (NY)

div. Murals